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Let Her Know She Looks Fine

Are you one of those unfortunate persons whose wife doesn’t quite fit into the clothes designed for the ladies on the Sports Illustrated calendar?  Have you spent most of your summer spending half of your time together at numerous spas and gyms where she has been diligently working out, and the other half politely standing around the salad bar at summer parties because she steadfastly insists upon maintaining the diet she swears will get her into a size 2 bathing suit by the start of August?  And have you had to endure her wails of anguish when she discovers that despite all her efforts her physique is not designed to reach that objective she dreamed of achieving back when the summer began?


If so, then you are also in that delicate position where you must let her know that the standards of the marketing and modeling aren’t the same as those that you adhere to, particularly when it applies to your relationship.  And that you believe that she is even more attractive to you than those on the magazines and calendars. When she is wearing some of the stylish outfits she has from Torrid, she can appear as attractive as those ladies who literally starve themselves just to squeeze into a mini-dress.  Let her know that she is even more attractive to you not just because there is more of her to enjoy holding and being around, but also because she has succeeded in getting things perfectly distributed and proportioned for her particular size and shape.  When she wears a stylish gown or dress she bought at a discount with a Groupon promo code for up to 20% off the price of her first purchase from Torrid she looks even more attractive than those ladies on TV that she’s been so desperately trying to emulate. 


You can make her feel so much better and successful if you let her know that her efforts haven’t failed just because she didn’t reach goals that weren’t realistic in the first place.  And let her know that her attractiveness means far more than meeting superficial standards set by others.  By encouraging her use of the best products to maintain her health and physical condition, coupled with a wardrobe designed to show off her natural attributes you can let her know that in your eyes she truly looks outstanding.